6 Bad and Good Thing About smartphone, You May Not Have Known?

6 Bad and Good Thing About smartphone, You May Not Have Known?


6 thing you know about your smartphone
6 thing you know about yiour smartphone


Do you know your smartphone (Mobile Phone) is very bad for your health? Even you use the phone very expensive or very chip or brand iSO or Android or other. we don’t yet know how technology effect childeren differently.

As per the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 78 % Children have own mobile phone 78% teens aged between 12 and 17. Children and youth are using mobile per day. Why we give phone to your children? Because his/her smartly open a new application, enjoy playing Songs, Mobile Games and other.

Also, you allow them to do all these all because of your child happy that mins you happy? So is the mobile phone is a really good thing for your kinds?

If you don’t know. Please read below post on what bad and good effect does your cell phone for health.

Cell Phone Bad Effect

Cancer Risk.

I know you thinking why I am sharing this point in first of all. Because you should know the cell phone is very dangers for your health.

As per the NCI ( National Cancer Institute) research shows that mobile phone emitted electromagnetic radiation get absorbed in the body when we hold the phone longer times.

The nervous system of children’s is still developing and have a risk of brain cancer from a cell phone.

So be careful using this phone in front of children or avoid to allow them to use all time.


As per the survey in India 1.4 Million people killed per year in an accident because of mobile phone we see the notice for not to use cell phone while drive but many people don’t follow the rules. many times we talk or text on phone without realizing this can cost our lives.


Sleep Lost.

Most of people take cell phone nearby while sleeping to revert texts or calls. They feel bad or good when they see text or cell phone. It leads to sleep interruption and disruption.


We know the cell phone is very important part of our life, we do many work from a cell phone. same times we fill we can not live without cell ph9one.


 Good Thing about the Cell phone.


It is very easy to communicate with everyone from anywhere at the time you can connect to many people on your call that call conference call.

Multiple Use 

The Mobile phone is convenient devices. hance ou can be Tasks. you can listen to music, you can watch movies. iOs Games, Android Games,  Photos also you can make video calls. same phones can be used control your TV. now many apps are available to watch cricket or live TV you can watch.



your phone is very useful to make calls whenever an emergency. so carry your phone when travel it is very important because if you have an emergency as an accident you can call some to help.


So what we have learned from above Bad and Good point of a Mobile phone.

We don’t need to use a cell phone for a long time. use it when requiring to do call or answer calls or if you need more information from the internet.

do not use when driving and avoid to give a mobile phone to chilled to play game and video.




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