Do you know How to download WhatsApp in jio phone

how to download WhatsApp in jio phone

how to download WhatsApp in jio phone.


Have you bought a new Jio phone?


Reliance has not launched any official features to download most popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or YouTube. But you can open this app by using your browsers.

WhatsApp and Facebook are the best way to stay in touch with friends or family, you can share videos and beauty full images with your friends.

But you don’t have a `and you have Jio phone? Right? you can use smartphones features in Jio phone.

Stay with me and read this full article.

As per the reliance announcement, Jio phone will launch official new App KaiOS” on 15 August 2018. From KaiOS, you can download WhatsApp, Facebook or YouTube as you like.

In this article, I will show you how to download WhatsApp in jio phone without google play store.

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How to download WhatsApp in jio phone

12 way you can download WhatsApp, Facebook or other features


  1. Restart your phone
  2. Enable internet
  3. Open your internet browser then click on or you can copy and paste into browser
  4. Once it open type in the search box.
  5. Then register by your email and password
  6. Here you can choose your window version -7, 8 or 10.
  7. Click on test now button
  8. And here you will get QR code on your screen.
  9. Now take another smartphone white is WhatsApp is already installed.
  10. Go to the WhatsApp web option.
  11. Than open camera and scan that QR code which is available on Jio phone screen.
  12. Now you can open your same account on Jio phone.


Only the above method can work for open WhatsApp in Jio phone, If browserling is not working then you can try other cross browser testing sites like browserstack or any other alternative as you like.


How to Use Facebook in Jio Phone if you don’t have the Facebook app?

You can access the Facebook account in Jio Phone from browser. Reliance Company has launched new feature “ KaiOS” to 50 crores Jiophone user will be benefited by this new Apps.

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How to Use KaiOS App to download WhatsApp and Facebook?


Reliance Jio has introduced support for Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube for the Jiophone which runs on KaiOS will Launch today (on 15th Aug 2018) it has come with new JioPhone 2.

Follow the below step to download social apps – WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube.

  1. Open the KaiOS stored in your JioPhone.
  2. Now type WhatsApp or Facebook in that search box.
  3. Click on Download and once it downloads successfully tap on Open
  4. Now your App is downloaded, you need to setup your WhatsApp account with your JioPhone Number.
  5. Once you complete your registration you will receive OTP.
  6. Update OTP in WhatsApp setting.

KaiOS app is available for both version Old and new JioPhone 2.

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You can excess social Apps on Jiophone which is available in the market at low cost at Rs 1500/-. You don’t need a most expensive smartphone to use the camera, calling, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

You can buy Jiophon at a very low cost for enjoying all features are on this phone.


Which method do you use to excess WhatsApp and Facebook?


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