Free tricks to upgrade internet explorer new version E11 in 2018

upgrade internet explorer new version E11.

upgrade internet explorer


Haven’t you yet upgrade internet explorer?

There are many reasons you want to upgrade internet explorer it might be heard that Microsoft has released a new version of web browser and you want it to try out. But you have to upgrade your internet explorer to do that.
Sometimes many other sites do not work for all troubleshooting any other case you can update your Internet Explorer (IE) and the problem can go away.

Note: you don’t need to uninstall your old internet explorer version to upgrade new version. The new version automatically replaces once you upgrade for latest IE version.

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Follow the below steps to upgrade the new internet explorer.


To upgrade just click on Download Internet Explorer (Microsoft website) after clicking on this site, you will ask to choose a language from the list (for example English or Hindi) or any other
after that choose the version you want to download than tab or click the Download Internet Explorer button.

Note: if you don’t know which Windows version you have to check out this article.
You can upgrade your internet explore offline and online. In offline that installation files you need are included in the download files. They allow you to download online also but offline is the best way to upgrade your new internet explorer if you have trouble with your current internet explore

Which is New Version available of Internet Explorer?

The new version of Internet Explorer (IE) is IE11
Many times, internet explorer automatically upgrade when you update the new Windows version.
Currently windows 10 latest version of Windows.

If you don’t know how to upgrade windows 10 free please read these article

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Internet Explorer IE11 is the support windows o 7.8 and 10?

Yes, IE support for all Windows 7 and 10 only

You can follow the above steps and download the IE for 7 and 10 version. If you are trying to download the IE for Windows 8 and 8,1 you have to download for IE8.

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Its free version of internet explorer, so, you have to upgrade new version of Windows it will helpful for your Laptop or PC keep secure.
You can download IE11 for Windows 7 and 10 but you cannot use IE11 for Windows 8 and 8.1

If you have any problem regarding the above you can comment me and let me know what exact problem you are facing.

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