How do you take a screenshot iPhone 8 & iPhone X

screenshot on an iPhone 8 & iPhone X

Why you need Screenshot from iPhone?  what is on your screen at the moment on you phone screen that, game score, Photos, errors to share  with friends or others, text, via email or share on popular social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram i.e.

If you have any reason, hear is tricks how to take screenshot from you iPhone?

You can share everything and anything what you want to share from your phone. iOS operator don’t have button to take screenshot. I have made complete guide to take through.

All iPhones haven’t same method to take screenshot so check out the below tips.

Screenshot iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus started in 2017 use same method to capture the screenshot. Check out the below tip to take screen shot for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus .

iPhone 8

  1. Open app or image as you want to take screenshot.
  2. Than press Power button on the right side of iPhone
  3. Click the Home Button at same time (when you press power button)
  4. Your phone screen will flash white and you will hear the Camera shutter sound ( if your phone is on active sound)
  5. If you are using iOS 10 than your screenshot saved at your all photo album or iClould Photo.

Tip: if you are using iOS 11 in iPhone 8 and 8Plus than screenshot save slightly different.


How to save screenshot on iOS 11

are you running iOS 11 in your iPhone ? if yes, you have noticed that taking screenshot method is little different than previous version of iOS 10.

Apple has added many features to make useful work for screenshot album.

  1. Press Power and Home button to take screenshot.
  2. Take screenshot what you want to share or save.
  3. Swipe left on the notification button to dismiss them.



Screenshot iPhone X

iPhone X doesn’t have a home button. So how I can take screenshot? this is totally different to take screenshot from iPhone X but other work is same like iPhone 8 & 8Plus.

iPhone X run with iOS 12

iphone x

in this phone you need to use side button to take a screenshot in your phone.


  1. What you want to take screenshot open on your phone screen.
  2. Setup how you want to take.
  3. Press side button and hold right side of iPhone X
  4. Press the Volume up button same time when you press right side button.
  5. When screenshot complete will flash and you will hear camera shutter sound.



If you want to share you moment what you have on your screen of iPhone you have to take screenshot and share where you want.

By using above method, you can take easily screenshot   and share with where you want.

These tips are very useful for iPhone users

How do you use any other method to take screenshot from iPhone?

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