How to Convert PDF to Word for Free or Excel to PDF

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free


Are you spending too much time to convert a document from pdf to word?

if you want to convert PDF to Word or word to PDF it is not difficult it’s very easy, in this article I will show step by step How to Convert PDF to Word for Free by using online free or paid software and edit PDF or convert PDF to the word or word to PDF.

Some people master in excel but they don’t understand how to convert in a short way and they spend the time to convert excel to PDF or PDF to excel.

for example, you have received a very important contract from your client and you want to do some changes in that contract so you can’t retype all contract in word as it is.

here you can use converter online to PDF to word and make the edit as you want.

in this article, I will show you some free online converter and how to use it and convert PDF to the word or word to PDF and Excel to PDF and PDF to Excel.

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 Google Drive


Google Drive is the most popular free tool for convert PDF to word. if you have Gmail account then you can use the Google Drive.

click on or you can choose a tool from the lift side of your Google homepage.

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

1) Click on new

2) thank click on File upload

3) then select the PDF you want to upload

4) after you uploaded right click on PDF and choose the open with Google Doc.

5) yes, your PDF is in word text file here you can do changes what you want and save the changes.

6) after you save simply choose file download as, Microsoft Word.

How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

Note: if you have an image or scanned PDF file you cannot convert to word documents.

there are many free tools are available online to convert from PDF to word you can use them and convert the file as you want. for example,,,, and


Now you have a word file and you have done changes what you want and now you want to share that file with your boss or your client, but you cannot share word file you want to convert that file into PDF.

follow the below steps to learn how to convert from word to PDF.


How to convert word to PDF


there are many free converters online including, and more.

I suggest you use because this is the best free converter online. you can convert 100 pages at the time. if convert combined pages or separate pages you choose to file in format and click on convert after converting click on the manual download link in red colour.


How to convert Excel to PDF or PDF to Excel

I love to work in excel. because I have all the formatting and calculating are automatically work for me. normally in accounting, we use more excel for billing or for our account book.

if you use more excel for making billing or keep your account book they want to share with clients they cannot send them to excel you have to convert it in PDF than share with the theme. thanks to Microsoft for given converter in excel.

click on File than drop down and click on Export than click on convert to PDF option once you click on convert to PDF button it will ask you to choose file save location.

give your file name and choose the location where you want to save on Desktop or another folder.


How to Convert PDF to Excel


It is also very easy to convert pdf to excel. You can use the free converter online to convert PDF to Excel format.

use it is a totally free tool to transform into excel. click on Select file choose file PDF which you want to convert in excel and then select “convert to” option then select to excel 2007-2016 than click on “convert” button.

after converting click on manual download link in red


Note: if your pdf file is in word format and you want to convert in excel format it will not work suitably. your PDF file should be in excel format than you can convert into excel.

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if you are consuming lots of time to convert the file in PDF or word spot it now and use a free online converter and save your time.


do you use any other method to convert a file in another format?  explain in the comments box below and let me know.


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