How to Create Gmail account in two minutes 2018

How to create Gmail account

Create Gmail account in two minutes

Why you need Gmail account? Gmail account need for massages and as access to google products like google +, YouTube, google play.


If you have your own business, or you want to send any official documents and you don’t have your domain name and email ID with you business name, here you can create free email account with your own business name.


In gmail email account there no limit to storage you can use it to activate old mail or backup.


Here I am going to show you how to create Gmail email account is two minutes.


Just check out the below instructions: –

how to create gmail account

  1. Visit Create Gmail account  to create new account for gmail.
  2. Enter your details such as First Name and Last Name in the name section.
  3. Type user name as you want to use in email account in choose your username


  • Note: your gmail email account will be followed by “ for example, if you user name is “John” than your email id will be “ .If the username already taken which you have chosen you won’t able to create gmail email account in same ID.


4) in password sections enter your password and same password enter in confirm your password


how to create gmail account

5) click on Next button.


6) enter your phone no or alternate email ID. If you lost your password this step helps you to create new password.


  • Note: if you skip mobile no option than you have to your alternative email id.  Google use this privacy and allow you to regenerate your lost password.


7) than. Enter your birth date & gender in particular section.


8) than click next button


9)  here you will ask verify your mobile number of you want you can skip this step.


10) please read very carefully term and privacy than click on I Agree to next step.


  • Note: please note if you are not agreed with term and privacy you will not able to create an email

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Once you click on I Agree than you it will take you in account page.

And finali your gmail email account is ready to send and receive an email.


You can Access the Gmail account on your other devices.


You can access your gmail account on web page  in  Laptop, desktops also there is gmail apps is available on Windows, Android and iOS. Just download Gmail app in your device and get access check your email anywhere.


Why you need to add your signature in email account?

How to create gmail account

If I am not wrong maybe you have seen any email with their own signature.


Why they use signature? Because when we receive mail we will know who has send this mail and from which company and which is address and contact details when we reading his or her mail then we will know who has send mail and what he or she is saying, Idea what action he has to take on this an email.


Normally many companies use their own brand name Log and if they have any offers they use in signature for advertisement.

In Gmail email account you can use 9, 000+ characters in Gmail signature.


Here is few steps you can add your signature.


  1. Open your Gmail account.


  1. Click on Top right side bar and click setting


  1. Drop down see click on setting


  1. Than unclick to No Signature and click on down of the No Signature


  1. Add text in signature such as name, contact details.


  1. After you add text drop down and click on Save Changes


Now you can see you signature in compose massage in footer of now mail. If you want to edit or remove before sending mail

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