How to recall an email in outlook if you sent to wrong person

  How to recall an email in outlook

how to recall an email

Have you sent an email to wrong clients?

If you are working in office you should know how to recall an email from sent item. Many times, we sent mail to wrong person on wrong content without attachment and not checking grammar or spelling mistake but don’t fill bad this is not happening with you only, everyone one can do this mistake including me.


Before hit on send button, you have to recheck what content you have written and you are sending to whom.

If you using outlook mail with an Exchange account. You can recall your mail in minutes. But you should know some factors to recall sent mail.


If recipient open your mail or marked as read you can not recall your mail. So, be quick recall your mail before recipient see your mail.

In this post I will show you how to recall Email in outlook before open receipt.

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Before We start how to recall outlook mail. To recall mail the following steps should be true.

  • Your recipient should have outlook email.


  • The recipient mail should be open when you process a recall


  • When you sent massage has not yet to been read by receipt or it should not be in recipient Inbox.


Note : When you recall you’re an email, be aware that outlook send a notification to your recipient as your have recall massage.


Here is step by step guide to recall an email account in Outlook.

Step 1.  Open you outlook and click on Sent items folder.

how to recall an email

Step 2. Click on Massage which you want to recall.

Step 3.  Open and click on Massages in top menu bar.

Step 4. Than click on Actions on drop down arrow.

Step 5. Click on Recall this Massage. (below Edit Massage button)

Step 6.  You can select either Delete Unread Copies of this Massage or Replace with a New Message.

Step 7. In Check mark next to Tell me if Recall Succeeds or Fails for Each recipient if you want receive this detail via notifications.


You haven’t received recall massage? Now what?

 If you have not received because of the below reason.

  • If the recipient has already read your massage – you will receive notification as your recall is fail if recipient has already read your massage.


  • If the recipient has not yet open your mail than the original massage is deleted. This outlook will inform to receipt that you have details this massage from their mailbox.


  • If the recipient has read that original massage than you have processed the recall massage. The receipt informed that you want to delete this massage.


Note: If you use mobile devices to recall this massage than the recall process will fail.


What I need to do if Massage not recalled after above all processer?

So, you haven’t recalled an email yet? The following solutions are best for avoid future problems.

  • Write an apology note. Before others see your mail, this is the simplest solution if you have wrongly sent mail to that person.


  • If you are sending delay mails to so many peoples than you can make alert and to particular people and avoid send mail to wrong people.


  • Click on File > Manage Rules and Alerts> and choose the new Rule.


  • If you are sending mails delay for same client on same content you can make group for their mails. You can give theme particular name and crate group. When you type that group name in to mail box that all mails will show there



Now you have learned how to recall your email if you have sent to wrong person or people. all times you can’t recall massage. So, before you hit on sent button you should cross check the all mail as per your requirement.

if you have sent mail wrongly and you massages couldn’t recall than simple you sent theme apologizes note to ingnore mail.


What problem you are facing in your outlook? comments and let me know.



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