How to recall mail in Gmail when a message already sent

How to recall mail in Gmail that mail without your recipient knowing


how to recall mail in gmail


Do you send emails from Gmail account?

How many times do you send an email in a day? maybe you send 50- 100 times in these emails you send instant mail 20 times maybe and here you do a mistake.

When you send instant emails, their chances are you do a mistake, maybe you have sent the wrong client, not attached a File, Grammar or Spelling mistake and more things you should check before the hit on the send button.

After you send a message and now you have realised that you have sent wrong mail or you forgot to mention one thing you in that email and now you are looking the way take back that mail without your recipient knowing?


You have good news that Google has added a new feature to recall an email in Gmail account also.

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But Google doesn’t have a tradition recall function like Outlook. but its allow you to the un-send message within a certain amount of time.


It’s very easy to recall an email in Gmail like outlook. if you don’t know how to recall an email in outlook. So, read this article


Follow the steps guide for recall email in Gmail.


Step 1. Log into your Gmail account


Step 2. Click on Gear Setting icon – –top right of your inbox

how to recall mail in gmail



Step 3.  Click on Setting under drop-down list


how to recall mail in gmail



Step 4. After clicking on setting button, you will see the below box.



how to recall mail in gmail



Step 5.  In this box Click on Enable Undo Send

how to recall mail in gmail



Step 6. Here use Drop Dawn box to choose how long you had like to delay sending the email.  basically, you have to choose here time limit you will have to hit undo.

how to recall mail in gmail

Now you have done all settings for recalling your message just send a test mail to click on compose and address to yourself then hit on the send button.

after you sent immediately look in the lower corner you should see one pop-up for quickly sent notifications.

this option allows you to change the message or create a new in the middle of that notification bar there is the option for Undo.

if you wait for a long time than you Undo open cannot see because your cancellation period has been ended and now you cannot recall the mail.


if you hit on Undo pop-up within that time which you have set in Enable undo send so, you can see that message is back up in the same state it was when you sent it. here you can do changes what you want and resend your correct email.

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Google has added new features in Gmail account now you can recall the sent mail within that limited time which you have done setting in your Enable Udo Send box.

You can’t find recall button like outlook but you can use these above steps you can undo unwanted sent emails.

If you don’t want to do this all work and don’t want west you time behind this unnecessary work you have to recheck your mail two-three times before hitting on the send button.


Which method do you use to recall email in Gmail account? Or what problem are you facing in Gmail?

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