How to update windows 10 free upgrade in 2018


Update windows 10 free upgrade in 2018  

windows 10 free upgrade

In November 2017 Microsoft announced they are closing windows 10 upgrading free version, that means if you want install windows 10 for your PC or Laptops than you will need to pay for it.

Until 31st December you get no cost Microsoft windows 10 but now if need it you have to pay $100+ to get upgrade windows 10.


But still you can get free upgrade your windows.


Do you want upgrade Windows 10 in not pay of sense of money?

Follow the below step and upgrade your windows from 7, 8 or 8.1.

In few steps you can free upgrade windows 10.

Before  I Start just I want to know why you want to upgrade your PC or Laptop from your old version?


Before you start installing you should know which new things you will get in windows 10?


So let see which features are available in windows 10 which are not in your windows 7, 8 and 8.1.


Check out the below top 5 Useful features.


  1. Start Menu is back with smart menu.

windows 10

Yes! “The start menu is back with smart menu” if you click on start menu in left corner than you see that App icons. You can type name of Apps or you can click and choose.


If you don’t want to find by name continuously you can pin it  to start menu so that can see in other site in other tiles. If you click on “All Apps” that you see all folder are in your start menu.

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  1. Set Up everything from start menu

When you click in start menu you see one small icon in right side of you as “ type here to search” just type what you want and search there and it will show you in upside list with related content click and choose what you looking for.


  1. Play live game – Xbox

Here you can play any one Xbox game on your PC or Laptop with Xbox app windows 10. This new system will help you to improve your speed and score. Thanks to Direct X 12 support.

This app also allow you to record, edit and share your game with friends.


Also you can join your friends across windows 10 or Xbox app and see your friends activity from Xbox live.


  1. Multiple Desktops

windows 10

How many apps you can use one time In your old version? But Microsoft has ability to create multiple desktops from one PC or Laptop.

You can add new desktops pressing win – tab.

This feature is not useful but this is useful those people like us who has lots of work on same PC or Laptop


  1. In New window has notification center


Normally every Android to iOS or OSX to Ubuntu has notification centre but now Microsoft has added this much features to windows 10.

You can press win A or click on lower right side icon to open your notifications this feature is available in many apps – Google has there won notification system in Chrome.

The notification tray also useful features like windows 10 settings apps, VPN settings.

If you have windows connected to touchscreen there also one button to quickly switch between windows to table mode.


Many features are available in windows 10 you know one you upgrade and start to use.

So lets start to upgrade your new window in your PC or Laptops.


How to upgrade windows 10 from 7, 8 or 8.1

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Step 1: check your copy windows 7, 8, or 8.1 because you need your old key later. But you don’t know your old key?

Don’t worry you can get your key just install free tool like NirSoft’s productkey this is tool can pull product key from yours PC which your using now.

windows 10

Step 2: once you get key than paus here and backup your PC or laptop which files which you are using now.

windows 10

Step 3:  from this step you need to start creating installer by going to here and start configuring the installer – create installation media for another PC.

With your desire hardware if you want to make DVD or USB.

than you need to select 32 or 64 bit version of windows.


Step 4: to create different Boot you have to restart your computer and press F2 from your keyboard to create different Boot.

windows 10

This will allow you USB flash drive or DVD as you like before run booting in to operating system. “This is slight difference on all PC. but it is depending on the BIOS system.”

so choose the drive or DVD to boot before run main SDD or HDD.


Step 5: restart your computer one more time after booting.

windows 10 free upgraded

Step 6: after all installation runs, you will be asked to provide your key than enter your key and click on Next.


Note. If you have key for your old windows such as windows 7, 8 and 8.1 that key you can use for windows 10 upgrade.



You should have new windows version because you will get many new features to use.

In windows 10 you will get many new and useful features.

I have given you the above tips which you can upgrade your windows free.

If you want to upgrade windows from Microsoft site you have to pay.

Which Microsoft windows are you using?


Have you facing any problems with your windows?


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