Top 10 best mobile brands in the world 2018

Top 10 best mobile brands in the world 2018

Are you looking for best smartphone Phone?

I am going to share with you the best brands smartphone phone in  the  world.

There are many brands of smartphone are available in the market.  I know you are confused to which mobile to buy.  Here is the list of world’s best mobile brands which will help you to choose best and helpful smartphone phone. I recommend you to read full article before buy any smartphone.

There are many Mobile brands in the world but I have made this list after lots of research in market.

So let go and and read full article after you read this you know which is the best smartphone you need to buy. I can give you grantee after read this article you will be very space full mind can  buy Mobile as you wish.


  1. iPhone.



Do you know why Apple company is top in mobile Market

As per the survey 715 million iPhone user  in the world.

Now in market iPhone 8 brands are available in market.

Check out this list.

  1. iPhone S 
  2. iPhone S3
  3. iPhone S4
  4. iPhone S5
  5. iPhone S6
  6. iPhone S7
  7. iPhone X


have. But in all this mobiles don’t run with Android its run with iOS. So if like iOS this is best brand for you.

iPhone  which are  Apple in the world

best brands of iPhone including me.




This is also one of the best brands of smartphone Canadian company. Blackberry founded in 19th January 1999 Many Smartphones are available in the market.


Check out the list for Blackberry phones

Blackberry KeyOne 



3.Samsung galaxy S9 plus.

Samsung galaxy S9 plus

One more best Android smartphone is here. This brand is china company. I the word most of people using this Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus launched date  march’s run with 6GB RAM , display 6.2 inches,  12MP back camera and 8MP front camera. – LED flash.


If you  continue use phone for games this phone is best for you because its run with  vid3500mAh battery which is best and long time.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S9  plus  start at INR 64900 for 64 GB but still its very cheaper then iPhone X.



  1. Huawei p20 pro.

Huawei p20 pro

This is also one of the best brand of smartphone which is most popular in UK. If you allow me to list best brand I can keep this smartphone in list of iPhone & Samsung Galaxy. Because this phone is very expensive like iPhone 8 & Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.


Huawei p20 pro has 4000mAh battery which is higher  than other smartphone.

This phone is very best to use in Video, Audio and gaming.


Very interesting thing in this smartphone is it has there cameras.

  1. The main camera has Ultra – High resolution 40MP sensor.
  2. Background cameras by 20 MP with white and black sensor it’s help you to decreasing noise mages and increasing dynamic range.
  3. And this camera has 3x lens and an 8MP sensor.


Why you should buy this phone?


I can give you three more tip.

  1. Best battery it’s more than other  smartphone.
  2. If you like face unlock so this is best phone because you don’t need to press power button when phone face unlock. Just keep front of your face than phone automatically unlocked.
  3. Low light images quality.


5 . One plus

one plus

This is also chinese producer smartphone which is most popular.

I like this mobile phone because it’s not very expensive and very good to use If you want to use simple phone you should buy this because you don’t need to invest much more money into smartphone.

One plus run with v7.1.1 Android OS. 8GB RAM, 6 inch screen, 16MP back camera and 16MP front camera.

It’s don’t have high battery but it good to use with 3300mAh. This phone has 128GB international memory if you want you can increase by SD card.

Check out this list at



  1. Nokia


Do you know india’s most  popular phone in #1 was Nokia but before few years ago Nokia sell to Microsoft and Microsoft and sell this company to Microsoft but.

Microsoft run with Lumia 2011 to 2014 Lumia did not get good results hence Microsoft and HMD Global and still running with Android .

Now many phones available in market. Just check out the below list of some of the Nokia which I have founded from online storage for your in cheap prices.


  1. Nokia 7 Plus
  2. Nokia 8 Sirocco
  3. Nokia 3



HTC Mobile


HTC founded in 1997 as a Laptop manufacturer company. Within five years HTC began making Windows based smartphone.

HTC dream smartphone release in 2008 in Android and today it’s making both Windows and Android phones.


Check out the list for HTC smartphone for Windows and Android.


  1. HTC U12+
  2. HTC Desire 12+
  3. HTC Desire 12
  4. HTC one A9
  5. HTC 10
  6. HTC Bolt




LG Founded in 1958 as Goldstar but today LG making television, mobiles, tablets and more..

LG launched first smartphone in 2009 and after two years it’s launched tablet.


There many brands of LG smartphone available in market. Check out the list which I have chosen for you in low price.


  1. LG Q7
  2. LG K30
  3. LG K9
  4. LG k10+
  5. LG K10a
  6. LG k10


  1. Sony

Sony also most popular company for electronic. Its founded in October 2001.

Sony started smartphone with Windows and OS has moved to Android and it is significant part of the mobile market today.

Many smartphone which are waterproof and dustproof mobile manufacturer by Sony.


Check out the list of Sony phones


  1. Xperia XA2
  2. Xperia R1 plus
  3. Xperia R1
  4. Xperia XZ1
  5. Xperia XZ
  6. Xperia XZ premium

  1. Google Pixel

Google pixel launched in February 2013. Google pixel mobile features a 5.0 display with screen full HD.

It’s run with Android v7.1.1 and 4 GB RAM battery it has 2770 mAh. About camera 12.3 MP support back camera. If you are thinking about storage it has 32 GB international storage but still you want to increase the space so add micro memory.

I am very impressed with this phone because I like weigh only

143 grams. It’s very easy to carry in pocket.


But friends this also expensive smartphone phone it’s available at Rs. 32999/-





So which phone you like to use…


I have found some list of best brands I know you have already know about these. But still I want to show you the best brands of smartphone phone but they are very expensive.

So let’s help to your friends family to save their money.


Which smartphone do you use? is it expensive or not and let me know what is your experience with it?


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